Press Coverage

Highlights from our press conference announcement

Take a look over the press coverage we’ve received so far…

S NoPublicationsLanguageLinks
2Gulf NewsEnglish
3Digital Studio MEEnglish
4Trade ArabiaEnglish
5Broadcast Pro MEEnglish
6TTN WorldwideEnglish
7British CinematographerEnglish
8Al Khaleej NewspaperArabic
9Al Bayan NewspaperArabic
10Al Bilad NewspaperArabic
12Arab YoumArabic
15Bahrain SOArabic
17Africa FocusEnglish
18Esquire MEEnglish
19Kl ArabArabic
20Arabian Business CommunityEnglish
21UAE News 247English
22Mnal MsdrArabic
23Sama PressArabic
24Balad na El YoumArabic
25My Dubai NewsArabic
26My Dubai NewsEnglish
27Hashtag DubaiArabic
28Hashtag DubaiEnglish
30Eat n Stay KSAEnglish
31Saleh MEArabic
32Ultra AEArabic
33Egypt NowArabic
34Ahl Masr NewsArabic
35Wagh MsrArabic
36Press NewArabic
37Misr DayArabic
40Matn NewsArabic
41Asrar El fanArabic
42Nabd NewsArabic
43Article ExploreEnglish
44Teller ReportEnglish
45Dubai WeekEnglish
46Ala MassarArabic
47Elzman NewsArabic
48Akhbarak NetArabic
49Nafeza WorldArabic
50Al MelnoujoumArabic
51Voice of Belady NewsArabic
52Akhbary OnlineArabic
53Urdu WeeklyArabic
54Urdu WeeklyEnglish
55Daffaq NewsArabic
56Al Khaleej 365Arabic
57Ain Al EmirateEnglish
58Ain Al EmirateArabic
59Nbd El EmirateEnglish
60Nbd El EmirateArabic
61Pan Time ArabiaArabicالإعلان-عن-تفاصيل-افتتاح-مهرجان-ميتا-ا/?lang=ar
62Pan Time ArabiaEnglish
63The Fashion with StyleEnglish
64Indian StarEnglish
65Al GhadArabic
66Riyadiya TVArabic
67Dubai WeekEnglish
68Time Out DubaiEnglish
69What’s OnEnglish
70The NationalEnglish
71Cosmopolitan MEEnglish
72Arab NewsEnglish
73Scoop EmpireEnglish
74Screen DailyEnglish
75Vogue MEEnglish
76Buro 247English
77Mille WorldEnglish
78GH Movie FreakEnglish
79News BeezerEnglish
80Eve NewsArabic